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Advantages of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Nowadays many IT companies face difficulties to hire tech talent. as per a recent survey, 81% of CEO/ CTO reported that they are facing a problem in hiring tech talent. Due to the shortage of 75% of tech talent worldwide. White House Administration’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology predicted a shortfall of almost 1 million tech professionals. As per the current market, IT companies not only facing difficulties in recruiting tech talent but also facing problems with high salary demands and low coding skills, etc.

The talent shortage in tech jobs continues to be a big problem for most countries around the world. In Southeast Asia, the shortage of talent in tech jobs has led to some governments and organizations offering these jobs to foreign talents, especially for roles like tech developers.

India, which is known for its tech talent, continues to have most of its tech developers move to Southeast Asia or other parts of the world in search of better job opportunities. Realizing this, enterprises in India have also improved their job offerings to retain their employees, with hopes of avoiding a shortage of employees. Reports show that India has over 1.67 million app developers and is expected to be the largest developer population center by 2024, overtaking both the US and the European Union.

Many IT companies hire a dedicated development team to fulfill their tech talent requirement for short & long terms projects. This model is helping IT companies to deliver their project on time without spending much money and time on sourcing tech talent.

What is a dedicated team?

‍A dedicated development team is a business model in software development that refers to the long-term collaboration between a client (an outsourcing company) and a service provider (a dedicated development team). All dedicated team members are working exclusively for you, the same as your in-house teams. However, the dedicated team usually works remotely, full-time, reporting directly to the client. This collaboration model works best for projects without strictly defined scopes or requirements.

‍Whether you need software engineers, designers, project and product managers, QA specialists, or business analysts, you can hire specialists using the DT model.

Advantages of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

The world of business is changing faster than ever before in the face of developing technologies. This evolution has completely transformed the way businesses function, at every level. For an ever-increasing number of businesses that are all competing with one another, the big race is to adopt new technologies. Hiring a dedicated development team is becoming a good method of dealing with this efficiently.

Web, Software, CRM, ERP, Mobile App, and Web Application development is a complex process that includes many variables. Finding the right staff (developers, designers, QA engineers, project managers, etc.), acquiring the necessary tools and equipment, and working out efficient processes — it all takes time and money.

Projects differ in length, scope, and requirements. Quite frequently, a company’s in-house development staff has no expertise or resources to implement new features or test the existing ones. This is when help from outside becomes something of a lifeline.

Where can a company find this help? The three most popular solutions are freelancers, dedicated teams, and Outsource projects. In this post, we’re going to show why it is more beneficial to hire dedicated developers in the majority of business settings.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Dedicated Development Teams

A dedicated team is a group of professionals who work for a web, software, mobile application, CRM, and  ERP development company full-time. Whenever a business or an individual entrepreneur needs resources for their project, a dedicated team’s PM assigns specialists with the right qualifications to work exclusively on that project.

Hire dedicated developers when:

  • The project is large or when several projects need to be completed
  • The requirements are not fixed and can change as the project progresses
  • The project team is limited and you need an extra hand
  • The exact deadline is unknown
  • Quality is crucial
  • There are no clearly defined budget limitations

Even though some companies choose to work with freelancers, mainly because they cost less, the future belongs to dedicated development teams. Here are the key reasons why you should get a dedicated team for your next app or website.

Whether you’re speaking in terms of public relations, data security, or loss of productivity, there’s never been a more important time to take digital security seriously. You wouldn’t leave your car running in a parking lot while you went inside for half an hour, so don’t leave your (and potentially your customers’) data vulnerable online.

01: Comprehensive Expertise in One Place 

These days, most projects require expert knowledge of many technologies. Like back-end (SQL, PHP, Java, C#, and others) and front-end (HTML, CSS, React.Js, Angular.JS, Vue.Js, React Native, JavaScript, etc.) developers work on a typical web application or website. 

Freelancers are almost entirely niche-oriented. They may focus either on one technology or on one side of the equation such as the user interface. Finding the right type of web development professional is a long and complicated undertaking that may span weeks or even months. 

Full Stack of Service

Most destinations that have emerged as the hotspots for offshore dedicated development teams boast high-quality IT education and a well-rounded pool of talent. By working with the right outsourcing resources, you can get end-to-end solutions for your product development needs. Some of the services that you can leverage through this model are: 

  • Custom development for web and mobile applications
  • Testing & QA
  • Professional designing
  • Product engineering services
  • Big data analytics
  • Remote hosting services for IT infrastructure
  • Maintenance and support for IT infrastructure
  • Data backup and migration services

That pretty much covers everything you need to set up an agile, scalable IT infrastructure. By working with skilled and highly qualified IT professionals at affordable rates, you can optimize your RoI to a large extent. 

02: Liability 

One of the weak points of working with freelancers is the lack of liability when it comes to sensitive business data. A freelancer may simply disappear in the middle of a project to leave you guessing what will happen to your proprietary information. 

In addition, if you hire a bunch of freelancers to work on the same project, the risk that your project specs will get into the wrong hands is greater. If some of your information gets stolen, you may not even know about it or be able to identify the culprit. 

When you hire dedicated developers as a team, on the other hand, you’re working with one and only one entity. You will sign a formal contract that will legally bind the provider to keep your confidential data secret. A large, respectable company will not vanish overnight. It has a real business address and can be held liable. 

So when you hire a dedicated development team to cater to your IT requirements, you can rest assured that they will deliver quality software applications in as short a timeframe as possible.

To ensure transparency and accountability, almost all dedicated development service providers have institutionalized elaborate processes for evaluation and reporting. You can monitor the progress from one milestone to another, often in real-time. 

03: Reputation 

Freelancers are not particularly concerned about the success of the company they’re working for or of the project they are engaged in. Once the term of the agreement is over, they say goodbye and go. Companies or individual entrepreneurs have to start a time-consuming and complicated hiring process all over. 

In contrast, a dedicated team’s PM can quickly find an adequate replacement for any developer who has dropped off for some reason. That’s because a large company values its reputation and thus is more interested in a long-term cooperation and positive reviews. 

04: Access a Variety of Skills

When relying on your traditional in-house team of specialists, the skills you can make the most of can be limited. For example, for every project your company works on, you will be using the exact same team. Even if you onboard a freelancer or extra member of staff, the core team will always be the same. This can lead to stagnation in thoughts and ideas and may hamper your company’s ability to work on a range of dynamic, varying projects.

However, with hiring dedicated developer teams this is no longer an issue. Each team will be a new set of experts with different specialties, each suited to a specific aspect of the task. The fact that you are not limited by location also means that the pool from which you can find talented team members is much wider and less restricted.

05: Flexibility

The flexibility brought by hiring a dedicated team of web developers cannot be overstated. Their exclusivity to individual projects means that their entire focus can be on that work, while you can focus on other projects.

This flexibility is vital not only to small startups but also to larger enterprises. The control and extra level of team management afforded to a company is a huge bonus. This means that if you want changes or modifications to be made while the work is proceeding, just notify the team and they will adjust and adapt.

06: Agile Approach

As an outsourced team, a team of dedicated developers can provide the agility of workflow that is vital for any business. With traditional in-house teams, it can be difficult to maintain that agility and flexibility, as the team will be working with the same skills and specialties that they have to work with for every project. Hiring a dedicated team, however, allows you to hire specifically with the needs of the job in mind.

This is a perfect solution for startups who need precision and dynamism, without breaking the bank or losing control over the work itself.

07: Full Control Over The Project

The beauty of this model of outsourcing is that it allows you to retain full control over the project. As the customer, you can take an active part in however much of the process best suits your business. For example, you can just hire your dedicated development team and leave them to work on the project. But you could also hire them and work directly with the team to achieve your goals, with a more hands-on approach.

These benefits come from the structure of this model of outsourcing. You are free to choose the team best suited to your project, based on the skills of the developers. Then you have the option to always add more team members, taking advantage of a huge pool of talent.

08: Collaborative Engagement

Whichever team you choose and allocate to your project will be made up of professionals who are accustomed to this method of working. This means that they are able to take suggestions, comments, and readjustments of priorities in their stride. As long as you provide the remote team with the information necessary, they can work as independently as you would like them to.

When you opt for this model of outsourcing you also opt for absolute control over the project and the team. This happens through regular meetings and communication, in which these dedicated teams are always available to attend.

Brainstorming sessions can also help to foster great communication and develop great ideas for your dedicated team to work with. With brainstorming sessions that involve you, these ideas will be based on your own. This helps to maintain the unique fingerprint of your company in the final product, even when worked on by external outsourced developers.

09: Cost Effectiveness

Custom software development can cost quite a pretty penny in almost all developed countries. Hiring offshore professionals who are equipped with the same expertise and skills as their native counterparts is a smart way to cut back on operational costs without compromising on quality. For instance, when you hire a dedicated development team from India, you get a higher quality of work at much lower costs, making it a win-win! 

10: Reliable Support

When you hire a dedicated development team, their job doesn’t end with designing, developing, and delivering the product to you. They also offer competent support services during and after its implementation in your work systems. Any dedicated development team worth its salt would pride itself on its technical support services, and that is definitely a factor to consider when selecting a team to work with. 

These teams also help in training your full-time staff in handling the new processes or applications that they have developed. Besides, they retain backups for the product in their systems, even if you’ve hired them only for a one-time project. This goes a long way in ensuring exceptional customer service in the long run.